New editions by Dennis Morris

Over the past two days, we had the pleasure to create new editions with the famous photographer Dennis Morris. Morris, born on Jamaica, works in Hollywood and London. Over the past years, he has been part of a group show at TATE Britain in London and has collaborated with the Street Art legend Shepard Fairey. Morris' works are especially remarkable, thanks to the artist's extraordinary focus on choosing the right moment to take a photograph in order to fully present the nature of his subjects.

In his new edition with Galerie-F, Dennis Morris presents the Reggae icons Bob Marley and Peter Tosh, as well as the British punk band The Sex Pistols with their bass player Sid Vicious. He took the pictures while touring with the Wailers and the Sex Pistols.

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Hugo DeMarco


sérigraphie en couleurs
mesure: 61,0 x 61,0 sur 75,0 x 75,0 cm

EUR 450,00

Thomas Lange

Freibad Wiesenstrasse

mesure: 42,0 x 60,0 cm

EUR 450,00

Thomas Lange

ohne Titel

mesure: 43,5 x 61,0 cm

EUR 450,00

Ian Wallace


mesure: 34,0 x 51,5 sur 52,5 x 72,5 cm

EUR 4.500,00

Felix Labisse


lithographie en couleurs
mesure: 56,0 x 41,5 sur 76,0 x 56,0 cm

EUR 250,00

Rolf Zimmermann

Stilleben mit Büchern

mesure: 50,0 x 65,0 cm

EUR 280,00